2982 Sturm Panzerwagen A7V

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De A7V is een Duitse tank uit de 1e wereldoorlog (1914-1917). Er zijn er 20 van gebouwd. tegen het einde van de oorlog verschenen ze ten tonele maar echt een rol hebben ze niet gespeeld.  Het gevaarte was niet erg mobiel en vertoonde vele mankementen. De bemanning bestond uit 18 soldaten.


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The A7V is a German tank from World War I also known as the Great War. In total, about 20 copies were produced, which appeared on the battlefields at the end of hostilities and in principle did not play a significant role in the fight. The vehicle was not very mobile, slow to move and often there were numerous faults. In general, it was a failed construction. The crew consisted of about 18 soldiers.
From the world of COBI comes a model that faithfully imitates its historical original. It has numerous moving parts such as wheels and tracks, gun barrels, machine guns and openable hatches. Compact and solid design allows even the youngest collector to have fun. It is also an ideal model for all adult lovers of history, military and armoured weapons. A special figure of a German infantry soldier armed with a bayonet rifle comes with set wearing the distinctive Prussian “Pickelhaube” helmet used en masse for the first half of the Great War. The block version imitates a model with a fabric cover attached to it with embroidered regiment numbers “630”.

  • 575 high-quality components,
  • produced in the EU by a company with more than 20 years of tradition,
  • comply with safety standards for children’s products,
  • fully compatible with other design brick brands,
  • printed blocks do not deform and do not fade during play or under the influence of temperature,
  • clear and intuitive instruction based on drawings and icons,
  • a special figurine of a German soldier with accessories and a Prussian helmet like “Pickelhaube”,

Model dimensions (length x width x high): 26.5 cm (10.4″) x 12.5 cm (4.9″) x 11.5 cm (4.5″).

Box dimensions (length x width x high): 50cm x 6.6cm x 30.5 cm